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DER-PLAST  – the highest quality of PVC building profiles

DER-PLAST’s company was established in 2005 in Poland and introduce its first product: window profile at once. From the beginning our company was set to initiate new products, which were developed by ourselves.

At first manufacturing was outsourced to another companies and headquarters were located in rented premises. At the moment the company has own production hall, which has been adapted to the ground for manufacturing of synthetic profile with full of technical infrastructure.

Gradually we have been introducing more products: drip bead with mesh, corner beads with mesh, movement expansion profiles, which become the pride of a company.

Profiles, which are produced by our industry are apply in insulated elevation with a „jointless” method. All kinds of our products are produce with a special technology of the connection mesh with profile without using any glue. Assignment of this profiles is simplify and accelerate construction works, but also provides the highest esthetics and lasting of the finishing.For the production

The highest standards – key to success

For the production are used only materials with the highest quality, in results our goods comply with the highest requirements of customers standards, both in Poland and abroad.

Manufacturing process is controlled al the time. Our goods obtained of Technical Approval, which confirms usefulness in construction works.

In 2014 there was a product line modernisation, which was fully automated, it also improved and accelerated the process of manufacturing but also improved the quality of embossing profiles.

Our company is open to new challenges. We constantly strive to improve the quality standards of our products. We respect the requirements of customers standards and trying to adapt with them needs.

We invite your cooperation!

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